Introducing Embedded system

Long ago, the meaning of electronics was limited to some active and passive components. As science improved, the brain of electronics as a Micro-controller comes in front of us. This micro-controller had advanced features like RAM, ROM, Oscillator and some input-output communication pins, etc. After this, Embedded systems come in front of us.

It should be noted that different types of micro-controllers have different working purpose. We will read more about it in the next lesson.

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Similarities between humans and micro-controllers

  • Energy is required for the transmission of a signal from our brain to the body. Similarly, microcontrollers need power. For the transmission of commands to its electrical circuits.
  • Comparatively, vibration in vocal cords and hearts helps us to move and speak. In the same manner, a microcontroller oscillator produces vibration for the transfer of commands.

By the way, our human brain has many characteristics, In which two of its special characteristic we had relates with microcontrollers. for now, let us discuss on next topic.


  1. “RAM” used for thinking and understanding. While thinking, we work like the RAM of the micro-controller, which helps in making some decisions, or in calculating calculations.
  2. “ROM”, the way we remember something in our brain. The Micro-Controller also uses “ROM” to remember instructions given it to perform the task. In other word, ROM used as the storage system of the device.
  3. Input/Output communication pins will explain in the next chapter.

Old Electronics

  1. Before 1960’s. The Meaning of electronics was only the combination of passive like resistance, inductor, capacitor, transformer, etc. And active components like an oscillator, transistors, IC, etc.

Embedded System.

Early 1960’s embedded system comes in front of us. It was the combination of electronics and programming makes together an embedded system. That helps in performing the desired task for an automation process.

The Combination of Electronics and Programming (C, C++, etc) made a task performing circuit with any desired output.

  • Change the automation industry to the next level


Revolutionary birth of technology between 2008-2009.

A combination of Electronics, Programming, Internet, sensors made a highly advance circuit that can communicate circuits placed far away.
completely change automation level


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