How to design circuit on breadboard

Firstly, As mentioned we about to learn how to mount components on a breadboard to design a circuit. In addition, you get a complete guide on internal construction on breadboard. We about to cover its practical working to learn how to design circuits on the breadboard. After this, we cover how this breadboard has made and understand how to mount different components on it.

What is inside of it?

Behind pores on plastic, there is a metallic slot. That connects some holes to each other as shown in the figure. In the first place, let us look at its top and bottom view.

Front and back look of breadboard

Breadboard front look
Breadboard front look
Breadboard backlook

How it made?

As can be seen, The metallic piece in the bottom comes up with a single metal that arranged in a stack. These metals have two different shapes as shown below. Accordingly, the next image shows plastic holes next to that metallic piece. In fact, These holes helps to mount the electronics components tightly.

Keeping these arrangements in mind we place our components carefully that we had shown below.


Circuit on a breadboard

To design a circuit firstly, let see the all possible arrangements of components on a breadboard. As shown the first arrangement of led is wrong. Because led pin mounted on the same column of a breadboard. You will see its result once we connect a battery across it.
The other two arrangements of led are correct. These arrangements are also applicable with capacitors, resistors, diode, or any two-pin components including power supply pin.

Led not glowing on

How to place different components on the breadboard.

All possible arrangements of different components uses same concepts.

For example, Suppose you are using 4 pins components Such as micro-controller or a microprocessor. In that case, you have to place components as shown in fig 2.
 And if you are using components having 3 pins like Transistors, potentiometers. then arrangements follow fig 3 shown below.

The concept is really simple. You have to mind the arrangements of metal slits placed below the surface of a breadboard. And make sure that two different pins should not be placed in the same column of the single metal piece.

transistor on breadboard

How to give power supply.

Once you decided the voltage level for supplying in it. Place the terminals in the red and blue lines indicated on board. This line has a long metal piece at the bottom of the it as the figure showed. It is really convenient to give power to different components with ease.

Different types of breadboard

This Breadboard comes in three main variety Large, medium and small size.
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