Internet from light- LIFI technology (Light Fidelity)

LIFI is wireless communication technology. Which uses light to transmit data & position between devices. The term was first developed by Herald Haas. During a 2011 TED global talk TV show in Edinburgh.


How Li-Fi works.

The technology is similar to WiFi. The difference is that WiFi uses radio frequency to transmit data. However, LiFi uses light frequency from LED. LiFi uses normal LED to allows the data to transfer. For instance, Increase the speed up to 224 gigabits/sec. The ON/OFF activities of LED permit data transmission in the form of binary codes. In other words, the human eye cannot recognize this transform. Therefore, bulbs appear with a stable intensity. LED is a semiconductor light source, which implies that LED light bulbs can amplify light intensity and switch rapidly. Therefore, LED cells can modulate thousands of signals without the human eye ever noticing.

But what about data at night ?

Don’t worry the researchers are working on it. And trying to transmit data through infrared lights also. So that they can counter the problem of transmitting the data only at the light.

Differnce between Wi-Fi and Li-Fi



  • Speed- The speed of the LiFi is very high(approx 100 Gb/s).
  • Security- The light of the LiFi doesn’t run through the partition. Therefore, it is more protected & hacking is not possible.
  • LiFi uses light waves which are harmless. However, WiFi causes health issues.
  • Consistent- The data transfer is more protected.
  • Efficency- LiFi is much more efficient. When it comes to cost and power consumption. Since it makes use of LED bulbs for communication.
  • Availability- Due to the use of LED bulbs. Therefore, LiFi can be made available everywhere. By replacing traditional LED bulbs with LiFi compatible bulbs.


  • Traffic managements & road safety.
  • Medical applications.
  • Communication underwater.
  • Industrial area.
  • In dangerous environments or insensitive regions.
  • Educational fields


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