Above all, it is not a hypothesis it’s practical. That you can do it by just spraying a paint named “Polyurethane Paint Spray“.

What is PU spray paint & how it works.

This technology combines fast curing, even at very low temp. & water insensitivity with exceptional mechanical properties, chemical resistance & durability.

The development of new raw material & improved spray equipment. Which made it possible to overcome the initial problems of this technology. Such as subtracting wetting, inter-coat adhesion & surface finish quality.

watermelon before coating and after coating PU spray

How it work

Before the curing process, if any impact comes on it then it is destructible. But, after curing the substance will be totally unbreakable

If you want to know more about polyurea & its chemical composition Click here.


  • After spraying the PU paint the outer surface becomes stronger.
    which means strong enough that it can withstand the beating from hammers.
  • It becomes a strong water-resistant.
  • The two-layer of this paint can hold the force of bullet of a gun without having more damage on the surface.

Where we can use

  • It can use to make any material super stronger.
  • Uses for military applications like bulletproof vests, vehicles & other military equipment.
  • Use to make water-resistant storage tanks like-water reservoir, fish tank.
  • you can use it in anything to make it super strong. 
Before PU coating get dry
After drying PU coated effect on paper

Seriously this PU spray paint is extraordinary features.It's totally up to you that what you want to coat & how to use it.
Guys tell me what will you coat with this let me know in the comment section.


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raja kumar
raja kumar

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Nishant Kumar

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Ritu Ranjan

Awesome Nishant.
really nice content,
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Nishant Kumar

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