Ques 1 : What will happen when led attached before resistor?

We asked this question on our Youtube channel, Where we had covered the topic based on Power and watt

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Answer :-

Must watch this video before reading further.

As we had learned any component get damaged, when it experience more power then its power rating.
And power consumption depends on the multiple of voltage and current.

Power = current x voltage across any conductor.

SO, as per conclusion result depends upon this case.
Case : IF any device having lower power rating other then any component  placed near to the +ve terminal of power supply. Will get destroyed first and then other get destroyed.

Chances of other component burning is less then the first one. because If first one have very less power rating then it get completely burned and make “open circuit”


Electric fuse
Power safety fuse

Just like fuseFuse provide high quality circuit protection, Once power rating of fuse experience and drastic change in safety power limit. It burns itself and make open circuit

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