Smart robot that can detects skins and material

Researchers from MIT & Harvard have developed a scalable tactile glove. and combined with Artificial Intelligence. This is the first successful attempt at recording. Such singles at large scale, revealing important insights. In the future design of prosthetic & robot grasping tools, it is very useful.

How Scalable tactile glove works.

This glove is teaching artificial intelligence to recognize objects by touch alone. Each glove has 550 Sensors. That capture pressure signals as the hand interact with things. The neural network works more precisely with a good amount of data. As a result robotic system identify the object very well.

The system is about 76% accurate. This kind of tactile feedback could be used for bots doing particular tasks. It could also be optimal for placing sensors on prosthetic to make them more responsive.

The tactile technology does not work well with wet fingers or underwater, but researchers will soon find the best way to solve this small issue. And in the future, we will easily implement this in robotics for easy and better functionality.


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