This technology has changed the way we saw our body

Photo-acoustic imaging technique

Right before this technology, If someone thinks about looking inside own body and its structures a picture come up like this. but thanks for newly invented laser induced sound waves technique

we can looks our structures more precisely in highly detailed manner. On other hand where X-rays and other traditional scanning techniques uses highly ionizing radiations that causes cancer and other disastrous diseases, This uses photo-acoustic imaging technique come up with some unique ways,

How photo-acoustic imaging technique works.

Every different materials have different nature to absorb the light and its wavelength, like nerves and tissues have different properties then the calcium in our bones.

that acoustic(sound) wave get detected ultrasonic detectors that detects the microscopic changes in pressure and sends to imaging processing software’s that reconstructs an image based on what those sensor “hears”  and made 2D or 3D images.

Count on this nature of materials photo acoustic imaging technique sends the adjustable wavelength of light through the laser and when the targeted material absorbs that light it heated up, and due to slight thermal expansion and compression on rapid cooling of that part. It starts producing oscillation pressure variation sensed by device, as named photo-acoustic imaging

like other scanning techniques of X-rays, CT-scan and PET scans uses highly ionizing radiations that causes cancers while using it again and again. Due to that we made a limit to expose someone to that radiations. Apart from that, Its also take time to show an image and MRI scans uses extremely high magnetic field that become problematic situation for metal implanted patent body. Ultrasound image is also not as clear as this newly invented technique.

 To know more about photo-acoustic imaging click here.

How this technique changes medical treatments.

  • Now, we can see how rapidly our tissues and nerves are healing after surgeries.
  • We have more clear image how our nerves responds in some activities.
  • We have multiples images of particular area for study.
  • We can tune wavelength, and select which portion of body we wants to look at.
  • We can detect the emerging of cancer cell before it fully grown.

Several companies are actually working on there portable form. So that one day might be, you can carry and take it to your home. and some machines are working with machine learning to identifies the structure and merge them to identify the types of disease a patient have.
You can take this to your home and monitor your health progress, cure, detect disease before it makes harm and lot more.

I love to see how physics, engineering, computer science, and medical science are all coming up together and make this happen.

Special thanks to Alexander graham bell who understand that electromagnetic waves could induce sound wave when applied to materials.


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