This hacker's charging cable have abilities to hack.

Hacker’s are everywhere, and using advantage over the place’s,
Where people do not think about their existence, But they actually present right at that place. Recently, A team of club made an unnoticeable chip build for your USB charging cable. You can happy with it, or might be afraid too, because this chip is not visible, and adopts the shape of USB-head. Who knows the possibilities that the cable you going to buy at shop is hack-able or not.

This chip is made by hacker of club. that can be plant inside USB head, click to read more...

Have a look on it's work


How it works?

When you connect this cable in you PC or mobile for charging, or for data transfer. An hacker near your close range can access it via his phone. He transmits fake look a like original website page, and without your knowing he can took all your data.

Suppose, you are using any banking service, or social media. At that time this hacker transmits the similarily fake website on your screen, that only takes a reload in between the original website to fake website. And by mistake, you will enter all your details in it and hacker will suck out your user related ID’s, passwords along with your banking details, OTP and much more.

Not only that, He can remotely locks your system and when you enter your unlock password. That hidden password will get displayed on the hacker’s screen.

"" This app interface with cable
App look from inside


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