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I am not able to figure out what should I write in this section. So, genuinely I am deciding to write things that comes first in my mind. Here we go, A quite good investment is necessary to become successful in Electronics and communication branch and the start of my graduation with worst college even made it big. I was desperate and thinking about any source of Income because I am hardworking but money always wins when the time comes. because no matter how much hard you are. At the end things will be stuck at assets to purchase and At that point you might be assumed to be failed to handle it.

I am sharing you my 3-year of engineering journey in short funny way, but that was a hard time.

As always, Electronics is something else for me and I fall in love with her At the time I start understanding her complex beauty. When I start my journey with her, I faced so many difficulties financial and emotional. In the beginning, her demands for money to purchase her dresses either small like Resistor or a big gown like Equipment. But, I promised I will never go abstained from her, after all, she is my love and I have to complete her demands.
Anyhow, beyond any financial and emotional situations, we came out of it and right now we have very good understandings.

 lol, Right now I understand electronics very well and I make sure difficulties that I had faced in my past not get repeated with others even its private college issues or any. I have such a good amount of equipment and knowledge. That I can share with you. And our team encourage those students who have same love like, as we have with electronics.

So, how do we do that?
Duonode.tech has these key features that might help you a lot in learning.

  1. Practical learning features teaching
    Here, In this section, we will not only teach you how to design a stable circuit, but also how components react, their task, and their output individually inside a circuit for making a particular circuit designs.

  2. Free learning
    We believe knowledge should not get bound with profits. So, we decided to make you access all the files as free & universally accessible without any condition or restriction.

  3. On demand topics (Most valuable Feature 100% response)
    You can mail us a complete description of your technical problems relates to electronics or any queries that you think suits us via our contact form. This feature has media file sending option so that you can also click picture, video or doc of your problems and send us.
    Our support team will send you a confirmation and upload solution based on “on-demand” form time or, If you have any suggestions, query, or regards you can send us a mail.

  4. Post countdown features.
    you do not have to wait for our post updates, each sections have there countdown features before its deadline we will update any upcoming blog.

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At your favorite place.

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